Colour Therapy

It’s a well-known fact: colours do have a direct impact on our mood. Many experts have demonstrated their capacity at influencing our mental and emotional reactions and physical state; as well as their positive therapeutic benefits.

Colours are composed of waves of light; these waves also emit vibrations. Any colour is therefore composed of different waves and each will have its very own vibration level. Colour vibrations are graded between two poles from the most relaxing to the most stimulating. Below, we have graded 7 major scales, going from most relaxing to most stimulating. This should enable you to choose your colours knowingly.

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Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Relaxing


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Regenerative


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Soothing


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Moderating


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Decontracting


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Tonifying


Mauvilac Industries, Colour Therapy, Stimulating


Relaxing: Blue is the appeasing and contemplative colour. It favours mental relaxation and helps one to cope with the stresses of daily life.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Relaxantes

Regenerative: The range of mineral and organic beige inspired from nature (such as textile fibres, sand, etc.) conjures up a serene ambience. These turn off the mind to allow us to recharge our batteries.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Ressourçantes

Soothing: Shades of prune and dusty rose are very appeasing after an effort. They create a restful ambience, enhance the capacity to release tension.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Tranquillisantes

Moderating: Shades of green are not only synonymous with freshness but also shared happiness. They create a relaxed ambience, enhancing sharing and communication.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Tempérantes

Decontracting: Orange shades create a friendly ambience, warm and reassuring. They enhance physical relaxation and help reduce muscular stiffness.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Décontractantes

Tonifying: Shades such as sunflower yellow, wheat or straw yellow derive their tonic strength from sunlight. They act as a physical booster.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Tonifiantes

Stimulating: Bright reds are a source of vitality and intensity. They communicate joy of living and put people in a good mood.

Mauvilac Industries, Colourtherapie, Stimulantes

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A World In Colour

A World In Colour
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Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy
It’s a well-known fact: Colours do have a direct impact on our emotions and mood.


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