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Every colour you could imagine.

If ever you don’t find your dream colour in our specific or standard colour cards, just pay a visit to any of our Mauvilac Concept Stores or a Mauvimatch Reseller. We have numerous Mauvimatch Resellers around Mauritius and one in Rodrigues.

Our Mauvimatch service offers thousands of colour references that can be readily prepared for you. We can also produce just about any colour you could imagine. If you have already identified a specific colour and you want an identical paint, just bring along your colour sample. Our system will scan it, analyse its composition and match it. And it can be applied to any range of Mauvilac paint you want. Last not least, Mauvimatch service is free of charge. No matter what colour you are dreaming of, it won’t cost you any more than an off-the-shelf selection. And with our state-of-the-art automated preparation equipment you’ll get your delivery on the spot and in no time.

Fan Deck & Colour Cards
Standard, trendy or customised colours. Click. Explore. Make your choice.


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Port Louis

  • Concept Store
    Motorway M1, Les Pailles
    Phone +230 286 5900

  • Bahemia & Co
    Royal Road, Port Louis
    Phone +230 241 3938

  • Societe BF Elybux & Co
    15 Soullac Street, Port Louis
    Phone +230 208 3446

  • FJ Trading
    Boulevard Pilot, Port Louis
    Phone +230 217 0026

  • Quincaillerie National
    59 Nicolay Street, Port Louis
    Phone +230 216 1600


  • Quincaillerie Bungsraz
    Royal Road, Triolet
    Phone +230 261 2024

  • Quincaillerie Taj
    Royal Road, Terminus Triolet
    Phone +230 261 4000

  • Mr Bricolage (Bricomax)
    Centre Commercial, La Croisette
    Phone +230 269 4490

  • Etoile de Grand Baie
    Sotise Road, Grand Bay
    Phone +230 263 8913

  • Espace Maison Ltee
    Autoroute du Nord, Forbach
    Phone +230 266 3913

  • Quincaillierie kawsadlah co ltd
    Royal Road, Pamplemousses
    Phone +230 234 0358


  • Quincaillerie Macmillan
    3 Rue Hollandais, Mahebourg
    Phone +230 631 0622

  • V Moloo Bros & Co
    Royal Road, Rose Belle
    Phone +230 627 4552


  • Concept Store
    Phoenix Les Halles, Phoenix
    Phone +230 424 1703

  • Kinka Ltd
    196 Royal Road, Beau Bassin
    Phone +230 465 8620

  • Kinka Ltd
    Royal Road, Curepipe
    Phone +230 670 8620

  • TK Chady Co Ltd
    Ratsitatane Street, Stanley, Rose Hill
    Phone +230 464 8216

  • QBM Hardware
    Royal Road, Phoenix
    Phone +230 696 4349

  • P&H Trading Ltd
    Route Royal, Mon Desir, Vacoas
    Phone +230 427 4393

  • Mr Bricolage (Bricomax)
    Centre Commercial, Emerald Park
    Phone +230 454 5315

  • Espace Maison Ltee
    Trianon Shopping Park, Trianon
    Phone +230 401 6951

  • Quincaillerie Soogumbur
    Bois Chéri Road, St Pierre
    Phone +230 433 4849


  • Espace Maison Ltee
    Boulet Rouge Centre, Flacq
    Phone +230 402 2567

  • Quincaillerie Caledonian
    Royal Road, Bel Air
    Phone +230 421 9026

  • SAS Hardware
    Royal Road, Brisee Verdiere
    Phone +230 418 3952


  • Concept Store
    London Way Complex, La Preneuse
    Phone +230 483 1034

  • Kinka Ltd
    Complexe Raysidence, Flic-en-Flac
    Phone +230 453 5520

  • Espace Maison Ltee
    La Place, Cap Tamarin
    Phone +230 483 4629


  • Quincaillerie Commerciale
    Francois Leguat Street, Port Mathurin
    Phone +230 5920 0049


New: Imperial White


Colorvogue : Test your colors !
The sample pots are available at our 3 Concept Stores

paint brushes bundles

New Product: Paint Brushes Bundles
Available in packs of 3

A World In Colour

A World In Colour
Discover the wonderful possibilities of colour. Create beauty. Set off trends.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy
It’s a well-known fact: Colours do have a direct impact on our emotions and mood.


Mauvilac Industries proposes you this selection inspired by fashionable colours of the moment.

Excellence & Choice of Products

Excellence & Choice of Products
An exceptional diversity of coatings for a multitude of uses.

Visit Our Concept Stores

Visit Our Concept Stores
Strategically situated on the island to steer you towards your best solution.